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Ladies & Gentlemen:

The rapid, linear growth path of the Iranian economic landscape is an uncontested fact. Growth, however, is achieved in the true sense only when it is for everyone. Only when the lowest common denominator of the society benefits from the dividends of growth does it reach its true objectives. Only when development reduces the divide between the various strata that exist in society is it considered beneficial. A country progresses only when its constituents are upwardly mobile.

In short, true growth includes one and all.

However, it is not the sole responsibility of the government or policy makers to drive the engine of growth. Industry needs to be an equal participant in creating an atmosphere of opportunity and economic self dependence for all. It is imperative that an increase in prosperity levels be facilitated through the creation of industrial infrastructure, service opportunities and a broad based entrepreneurial culture that spurs further growth.

At Pishro Haml Kala Transport, Freight Forwarding, Shipping & Logistics Company, we have modeled our business around this concept of inclusive growth, by focusing not only on the target group being already pursued by financial institutions but also that which are outside the influence of economic resurgence. Therefore, even before the concepts of discovering the fortune at the bottom of the pyramid and reaching at the grassroots came in vogue, we were working towards supporting an entire generation of entrepreneurs to take a leap of faith in the world of enterprising endeavor and prosperity.

There is, however, a long way to go. The Iranian economy is expected to continue to grow at a rapid pace in the coming years. This growth to sustain would need large-scale development of infrastructure.

Our consistent performance and growth is testimony to the strengths we have infused our business with. However, in order that we remain sustainable and harness the opportunity landscape, we have invested our organization with people, systems and processes. These initiatives will surely help us in countering any adversity in our external operating environment. We view with concern the rising interest rate scenario that prevails across the world today, but are confident that we will continue to remain competitive.

The year 2010 was important for PHK. We produced good results, in a year when the Iranian industrial sectors performed unevenly. We made excellent progress increasing our customer base, enhancing our asset base and introducing new verticals and products in making the growth sustainable for future years. And most significantly, we continued to execute well in all of our markets, creating value for our customers, our communities and our staffs.

Since our inception, we have worked hard to build a sustainable and scalable business. We will continue to remain on the path of being a catalyst for our growth. We are equally committed to grow clients value and being a responsible corporate citizen. I seek your support and encouragement in this journey.

Kindest regards,

Alireza Qahhari


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